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Autumn tweeds

Where does time go? It's nearly autumn already. You know what thats means don't you...

Cosy jackets, getting the scarfs back out and watching the falling leaves.

Speaking of jackets, if you're looking for a fresh new Tweed jacket or war'm coat for the colder seasons, then you must be thinking of a quality thick one, surely?

Well here at the tailoring studio, situated in the the north of Shropshire, we have a beautiful

selection of warm winter fabrics you can choose from for your next jacket.

We have tweeds, herringbone and window pane all available to order in. A wide range of styles that will not only suit you, but fit you perfectly.

Why not come and meet the team and and have a browse .... maybe you might just end up trading yourself, who knows.

You can visit us anytime between 9am - 4pm or you can book an appointment to chat with me the Head Tailor via:

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