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50% discount

Special Offer on this stylish ladies tweed jacket, made from Huddersfield Tweed.

Usually £700 but on offer until June 30th


This divine wool herringbone features chevrons of purple heather yarn that create a perfect, pastel-like harmony, contrasting with its Mist warp, this fabric brings those welcome colours of the heathered moorlands to your A/W wardrobe. Emphasise the heavenly heather hues of this Yorkshire Herringbone and create a totally coordinated wardrobe with our help. Team with the fresh green hues of Dewy Meadows for the perfect nature-inspired heather and green combinations for bespoke separates in both smart casual looks.

This gorgeous woollen tweed is one of twelve exclusive fabrics that form the new Heart of Huddersfield Collection for 2022. Hot off the looms and manufactured, from yarn through to weaving and finishing this bespoke beauty has been made in Yorkshire mills by Yorkshire folk! The HoH 2022 collection features two different coloured warps. Six of the twelve herringbones feature a dark stormy grey warp and form the Storm Herringbones. (The other six feature a soft misty grey warp, that form the Mist Herringbones.)

Wedded Bliss - Donegal Herringbone Tweed this quintessential classic Donegal Tweed is but one of a small collection of new Yorkshire Tweed fabrics - created here in the epicentre of woollen fabric production - West Yorkshire. Expertly woven from the finest all-wool yarns and finished to produce a premium quality, soft but traditional wool hand.

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