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Christmas Gifts for Him and Her

It's that exciting time of year again. Cosy nights in by the fire, satsumas and Christmas is in the air. Like many people, do you struggle to think of what to buy your loved ones each year? Then, usually end up trolling around the shops desperate to find that perfect item they don't already have 2 of?

Well you can beat the crowds and step away from the bustle of the high street this year, with a gift like no other!

A custom made bespoke clothing gift is not only a sign of how much you love someone, but a sign of quality and class.

Treat each other to matching his & her coats this year availble in a wide variety of fabrics!

Perhaps you'd like that statement peice Tweed jacket or just a new quality well fitting waistcoat!

All our clothing is elegantly made on site in Shropshire with zero slave labour. While being ethically made and locally sourced fabrics in most instances.

Book in with us today using our online booking service:

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